My niche is in a combination of realism and contemporary art styles. I truly love any type of art, but I focus on painting and sculpting. I also offer making commissioned art, unique to your vision.

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Gabrielle Trom | Instructor

I began formal training in watercolors and went on to continue my studies of drawing, painting, and sculpture at Bethel University. I continued my education in the academic methods of figurative drawing and sculpture at the Barcelona Academy of Art. I added oil painting to my studies, after I was granted a scholarship from the Art Renewal Center, was able to return to Barcelona to completely sculpture studies. In June 2019, I won first place in the Richard McDermott Miller competition—a timed portrait sculpting competition held annually by the National Sculpture Society in the United States of America. I returned to Spain to teach sculpture at the Barcelona Academy of Art and to commence work on my first personal project. I won in the National Sculpture Society’s first Dexter Jones Residency Competition. However, Shortly after, circumstances involving COVID-19 caused me to move back to the United States.

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I have been sculpting over twenty-five years. I work with the natural texture and color of the stone to create representative sculpture of animals and human forms and to develop abstract shapes. All of the stone is personally picked from quarries and stone yards in the United States and Europe. Most pieces are mounted on rotating bases for better viewing.
The sculpture ranges from tabletop to monumental size for indoor and outdoor display.

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I would describe myself as a visual artist. My paintings are a process of allowing the patterns to emerge then layering with colors until it is harmonious and joyful. I have no boundaries; I like to paint whatever I am feeling in that moment.

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I am an Iranian born artist. In August 2001, I immigrated to United States.
I received a BS in Computer Engineering from Shiraz University in Iran in 1988. I got my MFA in painting and drawing at the University of North Dakota, in May 2011.
I am, currently, a full time artist.My style is representational with direct, painterly approach.
My most recent project encompasses a series of landscape of Minnesota to capture the soul of the environment of the current place of residence.
I have exhibited my work extensively in Minnesota and North Dakota area. I have won several awards in juried shows.

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I work in my home studio in Northeast Minneapolis where I paints in oil, acrylic, watercolor and two-part epoxy resin. I also sculpts and enjoys bringing a clay sculpture through the entire process of mold-making, wax shell creation and finally, pouring the final image in bronze, resin or plaster.

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I am a visual artist specializing in acrylic painting. I have a significant experience in a variety of other mediums including pencil, ink, watercolor, oil, and sculpture. In addition to frequent commission work, I acquire inspiration from a variety of sources. My detailed works include landscapes and elements of nature as well as figures, structures, and everyday objects.

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I am an American sculptor originally from Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia. I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a B. F. A in sculpture. My work has been exhibited in California, Washington, as well as Alkhobar, and has been featured in newspapers in Saudi Arabia. My focus is on figurative art and I use various mediums to express my interest in the human figure such as bronze, stone, ceramic, and plaster. I currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota."

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Working in oils, I create paintings that capture the stunning beauty of Minnesota in all four seasons, studies of natural objects that grab my attention, and artwork inspired by my St. Paul neighborhood. My paintings are an attempt to move beyond and through realism, to a place that depicts the true essence of what I see with my eye and feel with my heart.

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